Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brad Pitt

Good luck leesha.
7:46pm 3/16/10


That's almost HALF. Ugh. You should make an announcement that last night you figured out that marriage doesn't solve all your problems. (i want to eat that sandwich SO BaD)
8:38am 3/16/10


For two months? I think it would be my top played artist. Italian pianist: ludovicio einaudi.
11:21pm 3/12/10

Teddy Roosevelt

Fred was just the cool leader. And I don't know who that other guy is.
10:11 am 3/9/10

Teddy Roosevelt

Oh yeah. He's not a meathead.
10:05am 3/9/10

Teddy Roosevelt

Yeah. His name is Shaggy.
10:04a, 3/9/10


At work today a little girl told me that she has a robot who gives her bacon and toys...

6:32pm 2/26/10