Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ps. I just saw a guy in the wilk with brightly colored clothes and thought he was promoting the dance. nope just the african club. I'm a terrible person.
11:07am 2/19/10


When you painted Jeffery I got really mad. I sure do wish i could have a do over on that. I think about often , i really regret every time i have been angry or lacking patience with you... I want to hold you.
10:46 pm 2/17/10


Best Freudian slips ever:

Danny (coworker): did i show you my new app on my iphone? It's called sleep cock...err... i mean clock.

Me: teasing him for a few minutes

Minutes later we pass by a sign for a restraunt that says, "free pop."

Me: oh my gosh! You can get a free i mean coke...there!

Danny: well it's about time you started talking dirty....
2:13 pm 2/16/10

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This weekend... Kanab... You're gonna witness my balls of furry

9:16 pm 2/10/10


fine, then you're kevin bacon.

8:13 am 2/10/10

(I know the picture defies the rules of this blog, but... good hell.)


Feeling like god cares... So that i worry less makes me happy. Also i am happy when i feel that my friends and family care too. Or to simplify, love.

11:12 pm 2/7/10