Monday, April 5, 2010


P.s. Today a 5 year old boy at my friend brians' told me that I had penis envy when I told him I liked his pajamas. It was pretty funny.

6:46pm 4/4/10

Brad Pitt

I never noticed this before... But snow flakes have cool shadows.

12:42am 4/4/10


Even with my shifty eyes, it was nice to talk to me?? ha!

10:57pm 4/3/10

Queen Hatshepsut

You are a television. And a gem.

1:00am 4/1/10


Ok. well hugs and goodnight. Thanks for always being there for me. Love you.

12:13am 4/1/10

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brad Pitt

Good luck leesha.
7:46pm 3/16/10


That's almost HALF. Ugh. You should make an announcement that last night you figured out that marriage doesn't solve all your problems. (i want to eat that sandwich SO BaD)
8:38am 3/16/10


For two months? I think it would be my top played artist. Italian pianist: ludovicio einaudi.
11:21pm 3/12/10

Teddy Roosevelt

Fred was just the cool leader. And I don't know who that other guy is.
10:11 am 3/9/10

Teddy Roosevelt

Oh yeah. He's not a meathead.
10:05am 3/9/10

Teddy Roosevelt

Yeah. His name is Shaggy.
10:04a, 3/9/10


At work today a little girl told me that she has a robot who gives her bacon and toys...

6:32pm 2/26/10

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ps. I just saw a guy in the wilk with brightly colored clothes and thought he was promoting the dance. nope just the african club. I'm a terrible person.
11:07am 2/19/10


When you painted Jeffery I got really mad. I sure do wish i could have a do over on that. I think about often , i really regret every time i have been angry or lacking patience with you... I want to hold you.
10:46 pm 2/17/10


Best Freudian slips ever:

Danny (coworker): did i show you my new app on my iphone? It's called sleep cock...err... i mean clock.

Me: teasing him for a few minutes

Minutes later we pass by a sign for a restraunt that says, "free pop."

Me: oh my gosh! You can get a free i mean coke...there!

Danny: well it's about time you started talking dirty....
2:13 pm 2/16/10

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This weekend... Kanab... You're gonna witness my balls of furry

9:16 pm 2/10/10


fine, then you're kevin bacon.

8:13 am 2/10/10

(I know the picture defies the rules of this blog, but... good hell.)


Feeling like god cares... So that i worry less makes me happy. Also i am happy when i feel that my friends and family care too. Or to simplify, love.

11:12 pm 2/7/10

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jeff Goldbloom

Hi. I just woke up and now i want french toast.

5:09 pm 1/26/10



4:51 pm 1/26/10


I love you miss harris.

6:17 am 1/21/09


ola podrida: run off the road download it. think.
6:29 pm 1/16/10


Alicia. Thanks. You're one of the most consistently bright people I know. Merry Christmas, good night.
11:18 pm 12/22/09

Brad Pitt

I am mindful of u always in my prayers, continually praying unto god the father... That he will keep u through endurance of faith on his name to the end.

10:37 am 9/10/09

Jeff Goldbloom

You are the most ATTRACTIVE girl i have ever met.

6:44 pm 9/10/ 09


I feel like I can act like a moron around you and not feel embarrassed for the rest of my life about it. Thanks for being a good friend.
3:45 pm 8/21/09


I really like you a lot.

7:38 pm 7/28/09


8:45 pm 7/15/09


Alicia Harris. I love you. jkim
10:33 pm 7/8/09


thank you for sharing your life with me and trusting me enough to do so. i just prayed for you. sleep well my friend.

12:01am 5/21/09


I was just thinking how happy I am to have you as my child. I feel like a very lucky dad. I love you.

3:17 pm 4/20/09


Good night windex princess.

12:09 am 2/20/09


U da best.
2:46 pm 2/14/09


I love you, alicia. And i love those embroidered text messages.

2:15pm 2/6/09


I love you.

12:14 am 2/2/09


Hey you're pretty alright.

11:44 pm 2/1/09


RE: Thanks
Ya Well you are my best friend.

9:18 pm 1/27/09


Happiness isn't merely the absence of pain, but the integration of the full range of emotion into life.

4:22 pm 1/ 19/ 09



11:51 pm, 1/13/09


I already cried. Don't make me do it again. I miss you too.
9:48pm 1/03/09


Good morning. I have a funny story in my sleep i typed the following message and just left it on my phone. I don't know who i was gonna send it to... 'hey sexy mama, one of our classmates'

8:03 am 8/2/08


A kiss is not a kiss without tongue.

4:58 pm 7/18/08


Affection is responsible for none-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives. -C.S. Lewis
2:14 pm 6/8/08


Alicia, please call if you can. I'm still your same dad, thats made some horrible mistakes. Please help me find forgiveness and a way back. I love you and need you. I need all of you. Love dad.
2:22 pm 5/24/08


Alicia, I'm sorry for what I've done to you. I'm so embarassed. I'm asking you to give meanother chance. Love dad
4:50 pm 5/23/08


The things I've done cant be excused. I accept full responsibility. I'm so sorry for the betrayal... I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I beg you for it. I'll spend the rest of my days trying to rebuild your trust and love. Love dad
4:20 pm 5/23/08


Hey just so you know I think of you a lot. I can't waitto be around you again. I love you. 7:37 pm 5/6/08

I Can't Keep All of You Here.

So this Blog is intended as a memory bank of awesome and gut wrenching and lifetime things you sent me. thanks, I guess.